Rates/Pricing - Recycling


Prices change all the time so we recommend you call us to get today’s prices on things you’re interested in recycling/selling.

Maximize your payout

The more you sort one kind of metal from another (tin from copper,etc.), before you get here, the more you’ll earn (we don’t sort for you, so if you bring us aluminum cans mixed up with copper pipe, we’ll pay you based on the rate for the lower priced item).

There is more to price than a dollar figure. We do our best to pay the highest price possible, but sometimes we don’t have the highest price in every category. We will, however, always treat you fairly, professionally, and be respectful of your time. We want your experience with our company to be a good one.

Prices subject to change without notice – Give us a call for specific pricing details on metal recycling & more!

Momentum Metals & Recycling’s primary concerns have always included the protection of the environment, the health and safety of our employees and visitors, and compliance with the many laws and regulations affecting our operations. As part of our efforts to stay on top of the increasingly complex laws and regulations, we have identified those materials that we can safely and efficiently recycle and those that we cannot.